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SE Electric Multiple Stapling Machine

The roller mounted table, equipped with pull-back spring, prevents the fabric from shifting. Even “difficult” materials are processed quickly and accurately. Stapling action starts after having pushed the two buttons and when table has been moved to its working position. Lateral position of stapling heads is easily adjustable, leaf springs provide for individual fixation. Cardboard caps are held in place by means of special holders. Machine requires no effort, operator can be seated. Extremely efficient  and accurate working process.

  • Special design for efficient and accurate stapling of caps (hangers)

  • Simultaneous operation of max. 8 stapling heads

  • Heavy duty heads process staples of various lengths adapted to the cap thickness

  • 2-hand safety device

  • Effortless and fast operation

  • Flawless and highly efficient stapling method.


Collapsible Hooks (optional consumables)

The famous POLYTEX collapsible hooks can be rolled-up with sample collections and therefore take up little space. Holes for eyelets, rivets or paper fasteners, for rail diameter of up to 27 mm (1˝ ). 


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