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Polytex Sample Making System for "Waterfall" Cards

For the perfect presentation for suiting and shirting fabrics, ladies-wear fabrics and knitwear.

1. Gross Cut

Unroll the fabrics and pre-cut them in sequence of the color range of the waterfall with the

RM / AA-5000/2000

RM-AA-mini.jpg»» Details

2. Pinking

Cut the fabric stacks to “waterfall” strips in color range for further processing with our Pinking Machines, e.g.:

ZH Pinking Machine

Polytex-ZH-mini.jpg»» Details


ZM Pinking Machine

Polytex-ZM-mini.jpg»» Details

… or many others

3. "Waterfall" Sample Gluing

Mount the color collections overlapping as flat or folded samples by one of our "Waterfall" Sample Gluing Machines according to your capacity requirements, e.g.:

FC "Waterfall" Machine

FC-mini.jpg»» Details


FB "Waterfall" Machine

FB-mini.jpg»» Details


FX Automatic Sample Mounting Machine

FX-mini.jpg»» Details

… or others

4. Assembling


4.1 Final Cut / Pinking

Cut your Waterfalls on your choosen Pinking Machine to the final sample width.



4.2 Printing

DT5-mini.jpgPre-print your sample cards individually with the highly flexible DT5 Digital Card Printing Machine »» Details



4.3 Gluing the "Waterfall" Strips

CP-mini.jpgIf you are not using self-adhesive support material, apply a glue layer to the back of your waterfall strip with our CP Gluing Machine »» Details



4.4 Mounting

Finally mount the sample stripes by hand onto the pre-printed sample card.

The Result

Highly attractive Waterfall Sample Cards with overlapping folded swatches (two-ply), stepped single-ply samples or budded samples. 

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