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Consumables and Services

Cutting Boards

To extend the life of your precision POLYTEX knives, we recommend using our RITEX cutting boards sizes 300 × 300 mm (12˝ × 12˝) up to 1020 × 1020 mm (40˝ × 40˝) as well as the DUROTEX cutting boards size 1620 × 1620 mm (64˝ × 64˝).

Specially Hardened Pinking Knives

The approved, specially hardened ultra-slim POLYTEX pinking knives ensure  highest cutting accuracy, effortless cutting and thus protect the machine. They reduce fusing of cut edges which is the basis of the efficient further treatment of fabric stacks on gluing and separation devices. These knives are distinguished by an exceptionally long life at acceptable cost. These knives do not need resharpening.

Straight Edge and Serrated Knives

Alternatively available are our resharpenable straight edge and serrated knives with serration of 4  mm, 5  mm or 6  mm.


Grinding Service

POLYTEX provides a grinding service for resharpenable knives giving your knives an absolutely exact cutting edge quickly and inexpensively.

Final Cut / Pinking

Our range of sample and swatch cutting / pinking machines offers the best selection for every use.