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Polytex Sample Making System for Shade Cards

For a clear and handy presentation of textile or any other material samples.

1. Gross Cut

Pre-cut the fabric directly from the fabric roll by means of

RM / AA-5000/2000

RM-AA-mini.jpg»» Details


2. Paper Backing

Paperback your fabrics with heat-seal paper to ease the further process with the

KP IV Fusing Press

KP-IV-mini.jpg»» Details

3. Pinking

Cut the fabric pieces or any other materials for further processing to the required end format. Choose one of our Pinking Machines according to your capacity requirements, e.g.:

ZE Pinking Machine

ZE-mini.jpg»» Details


ZP-V Pinking Machine

ZP-V-mini.jpg»» Details

… or many others

4. Gluing/Mounting

Mount the shade cards either manually



4.1 Gluing

First, apply glue onto the card with our semi-automatic screen print devices:

AX / AG Gluing Machines

Polytex-AG-mini.jpg»» Details


4.2 Mounting

Then mount the samples by means of one of our

EL / EX Universal Mounting Machines

Polytex-EX-mini.jpg»» Details

… or fully automatic with our 

KX High-speed Oversize Color Card Production Line (up to 720 cards/h)


Polytex-KX-card-kpl.jpg»» Details

The Result

Color cards in perfect quality!

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