Polytex Sample Making System for TAGs

One fantastic presentation system for all sample purposes and all sample materials, from fabrics to wallpapers, vinyls, dyes, paints, laminates, plastics, floor coverings.

1. Gross Cut

Pre-cut the fabric directly from the fabric roll by means of

RM / AA-5000/2000

RM-AA-mini.jpg»» Details

2. Final Cut

Cut the fabric stacks to the final TAG size with your choice from our range of cutting and pinking machines, e.g.:

ZE Pinking Machine

ZE-mini.jpg»» Details


ZP-V Pinking Machine

ZP-V-mini.jpg»» Details

… or many others

3. TAG Mounting

Produce your TAGs with our fully automatic sample production line

KE (TAG System)

KE-mini.jpg»» Details

The Result

Highly attractive and handy single sample TAGs.

Further Sample Making Systems

Do you want to produce a certain type of sample collection? We have the right production system for you: