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Polytex Sample Making System for "Waterfall" Collections

For producing "Waterfall" Hanger Collections for the perfect presentation of home textiles, curtains and upholstery fabrics.

1. Gross Cut

Unroll the fabrics and pre-cut them in sequence of the color range of the waterfall with the

RM / AA-5000/2000

RM-AA-mini.jpg»» Details

2. Edge Fixing

To prevent fraying of your fabric samples, protect the edges either by means of

KP IV Fusing Press

KP-IV-mini.jpg»» Details

or by means of

KF Automatic Edge Protection Machine

KF-mini.jpg»» Details

3. Pinking

Cut the fabric stacks to “waterfall” strips in color range for further processing. Choose one of our Pinking Machines according to your capacity requirements, e.g.:

ZE Pinking Machine

ZE-mini.jpg»» Details


ZP-V Pinking Machine

ZP-V-mini.jpg»» Details

… or many others

4. Waterfall Sample Gluing

Mount the fabric strips in sequence of colors overlapping flat or two-ply folded to the desired "waterfall" with our

FB "Waterfall" Machine

FB-mini.jpg»» Details

5. Assembling


5.1 Final Cut / Pinking

Cut your Waterfalls on your Pinking Machine to the final sample width.



5.2 Folding

FO-mini.jpgIf you need to produce your Waterfall collection with additional feeler samples, fold these with our easy to operate FO Folding Unit »» Details



5.3 Drilling

BO-mini.jpgDrill fixing holes into waterfall and feeler sample by means of our 
BO Drilling Machine »» Details



5.4 Mounting

Finally fix the hanger caps with screws to the waterfall and feeler sample.

The Result

Highly attractive Waterfall Hanger Collections with overlapping folded swatches (two-ply) or stepped flat mounted colors, optional with zig-zag-folded feeler sample. 

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