PHP 7.1

KX High-speed Oversize Color Card Production Line (up to 720 cards/h)

  • Fully automatic color card production for card sizes up to 5 pages DIN A4 wide (420 × 1100 mm)
  • Ultra-high output with up to 750 cards per hour
  • For up to 250 color chips per card (paper backed fabric swatches, soft laminates, wallpapers…) 
  • Automatic lateral vacuum sheet feeder with air cushion separator and pick control sensor, stack height 400 mm
  • Adjustable card centering station 
  • 6 m vacuum non-marking conveyor belt transport system in sections with servo motor driving throughout the machine for precise card traction and feed
  • High precise cross line screen printing glue application with one-stroke per card operation. 
  • Optional glue pump for continuous/on demand supply
  • Easy changeable top load swatch magazine with retainers fitted to card layout
  • High vacuum plate with vacuum control sensor and up to 250 single grippers for vertical swatch pick-out of magazine
  • Continuous vacuum transfer plate for swatch hand-over and positioning mechanism onto glued card on conveyor belt, adjustable pressure time
  • Automatic height adjusting exit stacker for finished color cards
  • Optional triple pressing station for tricky gluing applications
  • Touch screen for setup, all manual functions and movements, ins and outs display and automatic run control
  • Optional oversize speed display for live output per hour

Sample and Shade Card Mounting

Efficient sample and shade card production with the most recent development of POLYTEX’s universal mounting machines.