PHP 7.1

MW Automatic Multi-Color Yarn Sample Winder

Fully automatic multi-color yarn sample winding machine for simultaneous winding of up to 15 (optional 20) different yarns per tab.

  • Enormous productivity at highest and constant winding accuracy

  • Programmable command for all yarn related parameters such as yarn count, winding width, numbers of winding layers, winding speed, number of tabs, etc.

  • Easy mechanical settings of tab related parameters in terms of magazine, pick-up and transport unit, cutting devices and others

  • Suitable for the main yarn types and qualities, raw yarns, fantasy yarns, structured yarns, technical yarns and fibers

  • Fixing at winding start and winding end by means of hot-melt glue

  • Cutting of yarn-ends by means of automatic cutters and removal of yarns by suction

  • Electro-mechanical yarn monitoring

  • Safety system in conformity to latest CE-standards


Yarn sample winding machines for single tabs and modest volumes up to multi-color yarn cards and high volumes.