PHP 7.1

FX Automatic Sample Mounting Machine

High tech, fully automatic mounting machine for "Waterfal" sample presentation with integrated swatch assembling feature for headers (hangers). Especially suitable for apparel fabrics.

Optional automatic cutting device and sample stacker.

  • Superb, fully automatic mounting machine for "Waterfall" colour cards and hanger collections; especially suitable for apparel fabrics

  • Programmable control for number of colors, swatch dimensions, sample distance and length of collection

  • Programmable memory for up to 100 different collections

  • Enormeous production rate of up to 17’500 folded or flat stepped "Waterfall" samples or 6’750 laterally stepped colour samples for hanger collections

  • Opto-electronic safety device

  • Can be converted to a fully automatic production line thanks to the optional automatic cutting device for the longitudinal separation cut of the hangers

"Waterfall" Sample Glueing

Today's comprehensive range of "Waterfall" machines includes different models from the low cost unit to a fully automatic production system.