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Polytex Sample Making System for Hanger Collections

for garment fabric collections in a neat and appealing style:

1. Gross Cut

Unroll the fabrics and pre-cut them in sequence of the color range of the hanger flags with the

RM / AA-5000/2000

RM-AA-mini.jpg»» Details

2. Pinking

Cut the fabric stacks to strips for further processing. Choose one of our Pinking Machines according to your capacity requirements, e.g.:

ZE Pinking Machine

ZE-mini.jpg»» Details


ZP-V Pinking Machine

ZP-V-mini.jpg»» Details

… or many others

Hanger Sample Gluing

Hanger Sample Gluing

3. Hanger Flag Gluing

Mount the hanger flags (color range) with our semi-automatic or fully automatic mounting machines:

FX Automatic Sample Mounting Machine

FX-mini.jpg»» Details


MB Hanger Collection Mounting Machine

Polytex-MB-mini.jpg»» Details

4. Assembling


4.1 Final Cut / Pinking

Cut your hanger flags on your chosen pinking machine to final flag size.



4.2 Printing

DT5-mini.jpgPre-print your caps individually with the highly flexible DT5 Digital Card Printing Machine »» Details 



4.3 Mounting

SE-mini.jpgFinally mount hanger collection, cap and e.g. one of our famous POLYTEX Collapsible Hooks by means of our SE Electric Multiple Stapling Machine »» Details

The Result

Clearly arranged Hanger Collections with overlapping swatches. 

Further Sample Making Systems

Do you want to produce a certain type of sample collection? We have the right production system for you: