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FC "Waterfall Sample" Mounting Machine

Mobile semi-automatic "Waterfall" sample mounting machine of modern design for "Waterfall" sample strips. Electronic power traction feed with programmable logic controller (PLC).

  • Semi-automatic machine of modern technology for "Waterfall" sample strips

  • Accurate mounting of color strips thanks to electronically controlled feed

  • Developed for preparation of overlapping folded swatches (two-ply), stepped single-ply samples and samples arranged in a row with or without interval

  • High productivity thanks to short set-up and changeover times and ease of operation

  • Suitable for all materials including velvet, home textiles, paper, leather, artificial leather, wallcoverings, etc.

  • Ergonomic, solid and light construction; mobile.

Supporting material POLYTAPE

In rolls of 49 cm (19⅓˝) width and 70 m (2756˝) length, with perforated edge strips for traction feed. The glued width is 45 cm (17¾˝). Adhesive has been specially developed for all types of fabrics.

"Waterfall" Sample Glueing

Today's comprehensive range of "Waterfall" machines includes different models from the low cost unit to a fully automatic production system.