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Polytex Sample Making System for Memos

Produce your Memo-tickets with small folded labels quick, easy and in highest quality.

1. Gross Cut

Pre-cut the fabric directly from the fabric roll by means of

RM / AA-5000/2000

RM-AA-mini.jpg»» Details


2. Final Cut

Cut the fabric stacks to the final memo size. For efficiency, choose the biggest Pinking Machine your budget allows, e.g.:

ZP-V Pinking Machine

ZP-V-mini.jpg»» Details


ZL Pinking Machine

Polytex-ZL-mini.jpg»» Details

… or many others

3. Edge Fixing

Protect the fabric edges to prevent fraying with our 

KR Automatic Overlocker

Polytex-KR-mini.jpg»» Details

4. Mounting

Mount the folded label (Ticket) with our efficient semi-automatic single or double

MK Memo Ticket Machine

Polytex-MK-mini.jpg»» Details

The Result

Up to 1200 perfect looking memos with folded labels (tickets) at the upper left or right corner per hour.

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